Selling (and heating) in winter…

Selling (and heating) in winter…

Traditionally it has been the thought that it is better to sell your property in spring rather than winter.

Pools sparkle, flowers bloom and potential buyers are more likely to get out and about.

Of course when we throw the Corona Virus into the mix, with restrictions on open homes and auctions,  the perception is that not only is winter coming, but the property market is undergoing some sort of shut down.

This is not accurate. The property market is very much alive! The problem with this is, when everyone thinks the same way, you end up with plenty of competition. And that makes it harder to stand out from the crowd.

Which is why we are calling on vendors to break the mould, stand out, and sell their home in winter.

It is our view that this winter is a particularly good time to go against the grain with the current ratio of higher numbers of buyers to lower number of listings.

With so few properties on the market, with rigid buyer pre-qualification measures in place, and specialised one on one inspections vendors have a higher chance of finding a quality buyer and selling at a fair price.

If you wait to sell until spring, or until “this uncertain time passes” you are going to be competing with a lot more properties as everyone will be jumping in at the same time.

Although there will be some more buyers, there will also be a significant increase in the supply of listings.

Right now and in winter, you’re not competing with loads of similar listings.

The key to achieving a good sale price in winter is to make your property feel as inviting as possible.

As rugged-up buyers walk through cold winds or rain from one private inspection to the next, they’re looking forward to stepping into a warm, welcoming environment – so getting the temperature right is absolutely crucial.

Having your heating right is an essential strategy. Whether it’s central heating or a fireplace. Getting that right creates a homely aesthetic.

At the same time, there’s no need yourself to freeze this winter: here are a few small changes you can make to make your home warmer (and more appealing) as well as more energy-efficient.

Heater checks

Every heater is not the same! some will suck power and blow out cold air, while others will be ultra-efficient and effective. Check the energy ratings, and make sure you have had your heaters tested recently.

Keep people warm (not necessarily the whole home)

Heating an entire house will costs you thousands, but keeping people warm is far easier and more efficient. Invest in snug blankets, slippers and dressing gowns.

Floor coverings

Timber floors are so popular, and add a level of timeless charm. However, they are a bit cold in winter. Investing in some winter rugs, hallway runners, or designer mats can help warm up the area. The good news is, in summer you can lift them up and store them.

Use the sun

By day, harness nature by drawing back the curtains and blinds during the day to letting the sun’s rays warm up the house, especially if you have North-facing windows.

Curtains on the windows

At night, close the curtains over it to keep the cold air out (or warm air in). The idea is to create a layer of insulation between the window covering and the window. Heavy curtains that extend across to the sides of the windows, and down to the floor are recommended.

Seal up all the gaps

Windows and doors can leak in substantial volumes of cold air. But some simple draught stoppers fitted in or around door and window frames and at the bottom of doors can make a huge difference. There are several types of seals including brush-strip seals, which are an aluminium strip that has a narrow but dense nylon brush sticking out one side. Otherwise you can use “door snakes”, but they rely on someone remembering to put them back in place every time they come inside.

So remember with these simple tips, you can make your home more homely for potential buyers as well as making it that little more comfortable for you (and maybe save some dollars)!

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