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Are you ready to get the best results from your property management? At Clark realty, we deal in honesty & fairness whilst still delivering the best results for your property management. Switch your Property Management to us and you will be delighted!

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    Flexible Fee Structure 

    We offer a flexible fee structure with a package to suit your needs and the management services you require. From ‘all-inclusive’ packages for consistent cash flow to ‘management plus event cost’ options. No extra hidden charges! 

    • You’ll rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, your management fee covers you for our services. 
    • All work is done ‘in-house’ by your team of 5 experienced, professional, registered property managers who manage a small portfolio giving you the highest level of personal service. 

    What are you looking for most in your property manager? 

    Everyone wants great service of course. If it is simply a question of cost, we admit we are not a discount property management company. But if you are interested in service and professionalism, then we can provide you with quite a number of property owners’ contacts that would vouch for our ability and high standards of care and service.  

    We are also set up to adapt to your needs. Some owner-investors want minimum input and trust us to fully manage, others are more hands-on and that is fine too. We tailor our service to your needs and expectations and understand that they may change from time to time so we will maintain lines of communication throughout our relationship. 

    Below are a few more reasons why our clients trust us to look after their investment properties. We’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have. 


    All staff are experienced in their fields and attend regular industry training. The upcoming Queensland Reforms of the Residential Tenancies legislation will bring many changes over the coming months and years and you will need a management company that can respond swiftly to these changes. Being independent means we can make the necessary changes required to adapt quickly, without waiting for ‘head office’ to direct and roll out training.  


    • Current vacancy rate = 0.0% 
    • We contact owners after every inspection (minimum of 2 per week) regarding the feedback from the inspection and send an emailed report 
    • We recommend 12-month leases for all initial leases and recommend this to tenants when applying. This ensures initial security for your investment  

    Tenant Selection

    We follow strict pre-screening of tenants before any application is sent to owners checking the following: 

    • 100 points of ID check, one must be photo ID 
    • Employment check on current job, including wage and security of employment (will include previous employment if currently held less than 6 months) 
    • Rental Reference check on current rental (will include previous employment if currently held less than 6 months 
    • Character reference checks if no rental history and first-time renters  
    • Guarantor requested for initial lease term as security for first-time / borderline renters 
    • TICA database checks for any rental breaches or previous poor rental performance


    • We complete a routine inspection every 15-18 weeks 
    • We take an average of 100 photos per inspection and the report is sent to owners within 24 hours of the inspection taking place 
    • Owners are welcome to attend inspections (must give at least 7 days’ notice if wishing to attend to comply with Entry Notice requirements) 
    • Maintenance from each inspection is reported from the site or within 24 hours if the owner is unavailable
    • Tenants are notified of upcoming routines with at least 1 month’s notice and reminders

    Vacate Process 

    • 3 months prior to the lease end date we email for owner instructions 
    • 2 months prior new lease being offered & notice to leave to tenants was issued as backup (notice to leave is served so we can market the property asap if the tenant chooses not to sign a new lease, not to be given as an ultimatum to the tenant and this is explained to the tenant in email and over the phone) 
    • If the lease is not being renewed by the tenant, the property is advertised 45 days out from the vacate date to minimize vacancy


    • Exits reports completed within 3 days of the tenant vacating 
    • Report sent to owners with any maintenance / required cleaning from tenants 
    • If maintenance/cleaning required give tenants the courtesy of 24 hrs to rectify 
    • Claim full bond if rectifications are not made within 24 hours and contact our trades/cleaners to finalize exit 
    • Complete secondary exit inspection (if required) to show completion of exit requirements 
    • Manage any bond claims to completion 


    • All maintenance is reported to the owner within 24 hrs of being received 
    • Emergency maintenance notified immediately (on-call staff member for out-of-hours emergencies) 
    • Tenants are required to log maintenance through our software program with detailed notes and images or video where applicable 
    • We troubleshoot with tenants prior to contacting the owner to organize trades if not an emergency 

    Arrears & Payments 

    • Currently have 99% of tenants paying before or on the due date and no tenants in arrears more than 2 days  
    • We can pay owners on a weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly schedule to reduce interest on your mortgage 
    • Ability to pay rates, water, Body Corp levies, insurance, and other bills from your trust funds 


    • All relevant details regarding your property are available through your PropertyMe Owner Portal 24/7 
    • View a real-time snapshot of your property and rental details 
    • Track financial activity including monthly activity, expenses breakdown, and more 
    • Monitor the status of any outstanding jobs 
    • Drill into inspections to see comments, images, and any follow-up actions 
    • View and download documents such as statements and bills and important documents such as leases and compliance certificates 
    • Click here for a quick overview of an owner’s portal access 

    For a FREE, no-obligation consultation on how we can help your property management simply call us on 07 3256 1600 or simply fill out the form at the top of the page.