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Are you passionate about Real Estate?
Are you an excellent communicator and love working with people?
Do you want a challenging and rewarding career with limitless potential for growth?
Are you committed to working hard to achieve your goals?

At Clark Real Estate, everything we do must be of high quality and showcase our expertise and care for what we do. We constantly strive to provide value and ensure our clients’ needs are serviced promptly and accurately. We provide an inclusive work environment where each person is considered an individual. We must respect each person’s diversity and dignity and recognize their value. We strive to create a culture where each person has a sense of security, fulfillment, and purpose in their job.

We are committed to the health and well-being of our employees and help them fulfill their family and other personal goals. We have an open and honest environment where our team is encouraged to make suggestions and create innovative ideas.

We take an innovative approach and break the mould of the “Real Estate” stereotype with new ideas and genuine, down-to-earth relationships with all our clients. We are focussed on ethical and sustainable growth as well as making a real difference in people’s life.

Be Rewarded

At Clark Real Estate we value our people and reward their talent and hard work.
Our salespeople earn a base salary and bonuses are based on sales performance. Our winning salespeople earn 6 figure salaries.
We have a commitment to lifelong learning and provide our salespeople with extensive training and mentorship programs to help them meet their full professional and personal potential.

Who is the Right Fit for Clark Real Estate?

Clark Real Estate is unique because we recruit our people based on their personal qualities, attitude, and abilities – Real Estate experience is not essential.
We tailor a training program to cover all areas of Real Estate, from the basics to the most advanced practices and techniques.

Our strength is our people and we recognize that everyone is an important member of our team.

We aim to create an environment of mutual trust and respect, where fairness, honesty, courtesy, and understanding guide our relationships and decisions.

We expect our team to behave with integrity and respect when doing their job. Respect for our team members is a key requirement of your behaviour at Clark.

Team members are required to always act in the best interests of Clark by showing a positive “can do“ attitude. The attributes of a high performer at Clark are:

  • Coachable, someone who is always in learning mode. Open-minded to new ways of doing things. Looks for opportunities to grow.
  • Down To Earth, is someone who sees themselves as equal to those around them, be it customers, suppliers, or colleagues. Displays empathy and understanding. Try to embody a “what can I do for you?” mentality (as opposed to “what can I get from you?”).
  • Loyal, someone who shows constant support to the company, the team, the clients, and suppliers. Who is reliable and always true.
  • Driven, someone who is compelled by the need to accomplish a goal; very hard-working and ambitious.
  • Resilience, is someone who has the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. They adjust their approach can move forwards despite experiencing toughness and be happy, and ultimately are successful.
  • Honest, is someone who is trustworthy, loyal, fair, and authentic. Acting with integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness of conduct.

Discover the Difference as a team member at Clark Real Estate!

Smartre High Achievers

To earn a Gold Badge, you must achieve in a twelve-month period either $500,000 in gross fees.

To earn a Platinum Badge, you must achieve in a twelve-month period $750,000 in gross fees.

Mario Lattanzi –  Has achieved 2 Gold Badges and 1 Platinum Badge 

Jordan Cleland – Has achieved 2 Platinum Badges

A successful real estate salesperson wants a challenging career with rewards to match their effort and skill. Our most successful salespeople are deeply committed to learning from the best in the industry. They take tremendous pride in their career and achieve high levels of career satisfaction helping everyday Australians find their dream home.

What “Winning Ways” is expected?

All sales team members are expected to have a “results per day” mentality. Whilst we have a learning and development support culture. The responsibility to learn and evolve is up to the individual. You must put yourself in learning mode, despite our team training as a group, you must study as an individual. Our team realize they are only as good as their last result. We adopt the winning ways standards within our team to ensure success. We believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

We want all employees to succeed and ultimately form an integral part of the Clark family. We have identified accomplishments that we’d like everyone on our team to achieve within their first year with Clark. It’s important to us that our team is in sync with our values and vision. These accomplishments are action-based milestones that focus on the growth of our team in alignment with our values:

  • Nominated for Employee of the Quarter
  • Receive a Gold Badge
  • Self Actualise in the role (personalized role, add value, satisfied, enjoy, and fulfillment)
  • Feel appreciated and family is welcomed
  • Comfortable to challenge & question the status quo
  • Have fun
  • Growth as an individual within the company
  • Focused mentoring to assist in the achievement of life-long goals

At Clark, we pride ourselves on helping to shape a career path for all team members. Core values help us as a team become better versions of ourselves than we are today. We all have plans to grow in our careers, so we have crafted our core values to empower growth and elevate everyone’s opportunities to aim higher. Listed below is how we support you to create a career path:

  • Training, we support and run the Smartre training programs.
  • Opportunities, we encourage our team to think like owners and run their roles like they are running their own businesses. There is no limit to the individual success that can be created.
  • Mentors, one on one with senior sales team members to coach and develop our people, including tips and ideas, role play, target setting, and ongoing feedback.
  • Authentic, we genuinely care for each other and want to support each person with their personal, family, and professional goals.
  • Flexibility, People at Clark are responsible for achieving outcomes, and whilst we have processes to follow and timeframes to complete tasks, we understand life happens. We encourage flexibility to meet the commitments people have.
  • Hire people with the attitude not just on skills/experience

We never stop looking for people that would complement our team, so if you are interested in joining a fantastic real estate firm call Mario – 0439 911 171.

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