Can a good leasing manager reduce your vacancy rate?

The landlord-tenant relationship is an incredibly important one, and as an intermediary between the two parties, having a great property manager  can be the difference between having a successful relationship, or a difficult one.

Competent, professional property management  can make tenants feel comfortable in their rental property, and give landlords security in the knowledge that their property is being looked after by a real estate professional . Keeping tenants happy is a key way to ensure that your property remains attractive to them, ensuring reduced vacancy rates.

So, what are the key attributes that real estate management professionals should exhibit?  Our leasing team has been performing exceptionally well in what is considered a challenging leasing market. Mario Lattanzi, Principal of Clark Real Estate said “For the last 4 months the team has been averaging a vacancy rate of just 4 days. That is a 95.5% occupancy rate or re-let rate for landlords. This is a remarkable outcome for those landlords.”

Top Skills of a good property manager

Communication is a key skill that anyone working in real estate property management  simply has to have. Dealing with people from all walks of life and under a variety of different circumstances is par for the course.

Often the only reason tenants need to contact their property manager is when they have a problem, so remaining patient, sensitive and communicating clearly when dealing with upset individuals is another must.

All property manager s need to be knowledgeable, particularly in relation to the Residential Tenancy Act (2008)  and the rights of tenants and landlords. This also affects selecting tenants. Property managers with experience in dealing with particular tenants can often solve problems before they even occur.

Promptness is another key skill that a good property manager needs to have. Alacrity when dealing with repair requests or invoice enquiries fosters better relationships between all of the concerned parties. Dealing with disputes such as unpaid rent quickly means your property can keep making you money.

Above all, property managers have to show a high degree of integrity and honesty. Property managers deal with a key aspect of peoples lives, on a daily basis. Having sensitivity, integrity and honesty are the most highly valued attributes for someone who works in property management.

The difference made by a great property manager

A great property manager, who exhibits all these essential traits, will keep your tenant happy and fortify the likelihood of them staying in your property longer.

In addition, screening potential tenants, superior customer care during tenancy, punctual action against unpaid rent or unsavoury behaviour will help maintain your properties condition and maintain its value on the rental market.

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