Interstate House Inspections

The Brisbane property market  has long been attractive to investors due to the more affordable pricing than Sydney and Melbourne as we discussed in a previous blog post.

Subsequently, a number of the people who own one of the 28% of properties owned by investors live interstate, but investing in an unfamiliar City can cause some concern when it comes to ensuring your Brisbane property investment  is being looked after properly.
We have already spoken on the blog about the importance of regular inspections when maintaining an investment property – but flying to Brisbane for a quarterly inspection is simply not feasible for the majority of investors. Fortunately distance is simply not a problem in 2017.

Completing interstate client house inspections via Skype

Clark Real Estate’s Property Managers use Skype or FaceTime to take you on a tour of your home as it is being inspected whether you are based in Sandgate, Sydney or even San Francisco, perfect for the interstate or overseas property investor.

What’s the process?

Your property agent will arrange a time that suits both you and those renting your property, and will then call in on your preferred method of communication so that you can witness your property as it is being inspected.

If you are still unable to “attend” the routine quarterly inspection then the agent will record it and send you through the video to watch at your convenience.

Benefits for the buyer

The principle benefit to the buyer of this process is that people investing in the Brisbane property market  from interstate can keep track of how many times their property is being inspected and to what standard the property manager is conducting the inspections.

This is a key value for investors who may have brought in an unfamiliar City where they do not have the contacts to assist in finding a reputable, trustworthy agent.

Additionally, this process allows you to meet face to face with your agent without ever being in the same City! This can help build a more personal level of rapport with your agent so that they can assist you further in building or maintaining your Brisbane property investment  portfolio.

Important information to consider

There are obviously some limitations to conducting inspections over the internet all the time, there is still no substitute to being there and getting a sense of your property with your own eyes.

If you’d like to speak with one of our expert agents about an investment property in Brisbane  or north Brisbane real estate  in general, contact us today.