Tips for saving around the home <3

Tips for saving around the home <3

We recently posted a blog about being creating with cash flow and posted our tips for simple and easy ways to go about making extra moolla that you may not have considered before (read on here: In this we post we look at how to make some savings, as mumma used to say “if you look after your pennies your dollars look after themselves!”…

Here we go!

Saving in the kitchen

  • Write a grocery list to stop you from buying things you already have
  • When putting leftovers away, use multiple containers and portion to encourage you to bring your leftovers to work or school
  • Buy the brands you like of long life items (like paper towel or pasta) when they’re on special.
  • Use the “eco” setting on your dishwasher if it has one
  • Save your eligible bottles, cans or containers for collection centres. After a few weeks, you could have earned $10 you didn’t have before.

Saving in the laundry room

  • Learn the basics of sewing. You can get even more life out of your clothes and textiles before they need to be retired
  • Wash your clothes with cold water. It will save you money on your utilities and help your clothes last longer
  • Make your own cleaner using vinegar and water (add a little eucalyptus for a fresh smell if you like)

Save on your utility bills

  • Close blinds and curtains when using heating or air conditioning
  • Buy a shower timer or use the timer on your phone to take shorter showers
  • Share a Netflix or Spotify account with family members
  • Look into solar electricity or a water tank if you own your home

Saving when Selling your home

  • Although it might be tempting to engage the cheapest agent you can find, a skilled negotiator is worth their weight in gold. A good agent might be able to negotiate a price $50k higher than their competitors and charge an extra $2k in commission. The $48k gap is priceless.
  • Engage an agent who doesn’t charge any upfront fees. That way, you’re not paying for a service before they deliver a result. Did you know that Clark Real Estate offers No Upfront Costs- Pay only when you’re SOLD

So, there you go! Improving cash flow isn’t just about making for money, but also saving money! Do you have any top tips? Share with us here: