Silent Auction is the way to go in Brisbane

Silent Auction is the way to go in Brisbane


The Silent Auction is a lesser-known but powerful tool in the real estate industry, have been gaining popularity among sellers and buyers alike. Unlike traditional auctions, where bids are made publicly and competition can drive up prices artificially, Silent Auctions provide a discreet and efficient way for buyers to place their best offer without revealing what others are bidding. In this article, we will explore the concept of Silent Auctions, their benefits, and why they can be a game-changer in the competitive world of real estate.

But first, let’s hear from Mario Lattanzi, the Principal at Clark Real Estate, who defines Silent Auctions as “an auction bidding process whereby the negotiations are undertaken by the agent and the buyer without any disclosure of any competing offers to any other buyers that are bidding on the property.” In essence, it’s a silent and secretive bidding war where buyers have to bring their best offer to the table without knowing what others are offering. This unique approach raises the likelihood of buyers disclosing their maximum offer, resulting in a more transparent and competitive bidding process.

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The Downfalls of Traditional Auctions

Traditional auctions, although commonly used in the real estate industry, have their downsides. One of the main issues is that they can be stressful and largely ineffective. In Brisbane, for example, the auction clearance rate hovers around 40% to 50%, meaning that almost half of the properties fail to sell on the day of the auction. This can be discouraging for sellers who may have high expectations for a successful sale.

Furthermore, for a traditional auction to be successful, it requires two or more bidders on the day. The idea is that the competition between buyers will drive up the price of the property. However, the transparency of the public auction process can limit the bidding to comparative increments, where bidders only bid slightly higher than the previous offer to secure the property. As a result, the property may not be sold at its highest potential price, as buyers are hesitant to reveal their true maximum offer in a public setting.

What are the Benefits of Silent Auctions

Silent Auctions offer several benefits for both sellers and buyers in the real estate market. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of using Silent Auctions as a method of selling properties.

  1. Higher Chance of Getting the Best Offer: In a Silent Auction, buyers are encouraged to put in their best offer without knowing what other parties are offering. This creates a sense of competition among buyers, leading them to disclose their maximum offer in order to secure the property. Unlike traditional auctions where bidding is comparative and incremental, Silent Auctions allow buyers to submit their best offer upfront, increasing the chances of the seller receiving the highest possible price for their property.
  2. Confidentiality: One of the key features of Silent Auctions is that competing offers are not disclosed to other buyers. This allows sellers to keep the details of each offer confidential, protecting their negotiating power and preventing buyers from strategizing their bids based on the offers of other parties. Confidentiality in Silent Auctions ensures that each bidder submits their offer based on their own assessment of the property’s value, rather than being influenced by the actions of other buyers.
  3. Flexibility for Sellers: If the bids in a Silent Auction do not reach the desired mark, sellers have the option to negotiate with buyers in a private forum or put the property up for sale through other methods, such as private treaty. This flexibility allows sellers to explore different selling methods and test the market at different price points, giving them more control over the selling process and increasing their chances of a successful sale.
  4. Efficiency: Silent Auctions can be a more efficient method of selling properties compared to traditional auctions. In a traditional auction, the auctioneer has to conduct the bidding process in a public and transparent manner, which can be time-consuming and may not yield the desired results. On the other hand, in a Silent Auction, the negotiations are undertaken by the agent and the buyer, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient bidding process. This can save time and effort for both sellers and buyers, making the overall selling process smoother and more convenient.
  5. Increased Buyer Confidence: In a Silent Auction, buyers have to do their homework and assess the value of the property based on their own research and judgment. This encourages buyers to have more confidence in their own assessment and place a realistic bid that they are willing to pay for the property. It also helps buyers to avoid the pressure of bidding against other parties in a public setting, allowing them to make a more informed and confident decision.
  6. Trust in Selling Agent: Silent Auctions require buyers to trust their selling agent to provide them with accurate information about the property and the bidding process. This trust in the selling agent’s professionalism and expertise can foster a positive relationship between buyers and agents, leading to smoother negotiations and a higher level of satisfaction for both parties.
  7. Potential for Higher Sale Price: The confidential nature of Silent Auctions and the encouragement for buyers to submit their best offer can lead to a higher sale price for the property. Without the pressure of public bidding and the fear of losing to other parties, buyers may be more inclined to offer their true maximum price for the property, resulting in a potentially higher sale price for the seller.

What if it doesn’t sell?

Mario Lattanzi suggests that if the bids do not reach the desired mark in a Silent Auction, the seller has a much better prospect of selling their property than if it fails at auction.

“If it doesn’t sell, there’s a private forum which gives the seller the negotiation ability to put the property to sell for private treaty, at a price that allows us to test the market in a different selling method.”

Silent Auctions offer several benefits for both sellers and buyers in the real estate market. From higher chances of getting the best offer and confidentiality to increased buyer confidence and potential for a higher sale price, Silent Auctions can be an effective and efficient method of selling properties in a competitive market.

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