Cool as Cucumber – The best ways to cool your property and add value

Cool as Cucumber – The best ways to cool your property and add value

With scorching summer temperatures already setting in, you may be contemplating how best to cool down your property while adding value to its sale or rent price and rightly so!

According to only 61% of homes that go to market in Brisbane’s summer will sell, not that great when compared to the 79% in winter. By this reasoning any changes that make your property feel cooler and more inviting are going to increase the likelihood of a sale and if it adds value, bonus!

But selling a home isn’t just about the stats or the best time of year. It’s about selling a dream or a particular kind of lifestyle to someone and in order to do that successfully you have to know your property and how it stands out from the crowd.

Are you selling a house, unit, apartment, or townhouse?

If your first thought was to jump into a pool, then consider the following thoughts. While it might be obvious why adding a pool to a property that’s governed by a body corporate may not work there are also pro’s and con’s to weigh up if you’re selling a house.

Consider the suburb, are you selling in a well to do area where having a pool is almost a given? In suburbs like Clayfield we here at Clark Real Estate have noticed that many of our sales with the million dollar sale tag have a pool.

However, some suburbs generally attract lots of young families that might perceive a pool as extra work and a danger to their young children; preferring instead a low maintenance lawn for the kids to play.

Fun Fact: Beach side homes in Queensland have the highest concentration of pools in Australia.

Now let’s discuss air conditioning and why you don’t already have it!

If you’re reading this blog chances are you live in Brisbane or know where we are geographically located and therefore you’re fully aware that it rarely gets cold enough for those throw rugs you see in staging magazines to be warranted. Why are you suffering, or worse making your poor tenants suffer, A/C is a necessity for living in Queensland.

Whether you’re selling a house or an apartment if you don’t have A/C you’re going to be losing potential buyers that aren’t willing to endure through the heat of summer. In an apartment situation they can be crucial due to the lack of air flow that is sometimes made available.

Another not so commonly thought of trick is to incite some fresh cool vibes about your property with the use of plants.

They are a fantastic way to help keep your property cool and if you use the right ones in the right place they can even add value to your home. For example vertical walls are all the rage right now; they can be built even on the smallest apartment property and offer a great feature option that can help to cover unsightly walls. Or if you’ve got room to swing a bat in the yard, a few cleverly placed trees could do the job.

Whatever you decide, remember buyers want a place where they can enjoy the Brisbane summer not endure them.