Trained Negotiators!

Trained Negotiators!

Having a trained negotiator on your team is a part of Clark’s Discover the Difference philosophy! Because as the saying goes, knowledge is power! And when it comes to selling your home, you want to have the power in your hands! Or at least that of your trained negotiator’s, aka a Clark Real Estate Agent! 

Recently it has been easy to sell a home. You need only look at the sheer number of Auction brochures delivered to your letter box each week or the surge in people selling and buying homes on platforms like Facebook, to know that anyone can sell a house right now! 

However, don’t let this fool you, not everyone is getting the absolute HIGHEST price possible for their home. 

Even now, when it is seemingly guaranteed that you’ll achieve your asking price or more, having a trained negotiator should be your priority. Because while it’s not hard to sell a home that’s priced well, it is hard to sell it for the HIGHEST market price! This requires your agent to have actual negotiation skills! 

As trained negotiators Clark’s agents know how to achieve the HIGHEST price, not just a HIGH price for their clients, and there is a difference. Take for example the following scenario; 

You have a home that you want to sell for $1,000,000 so you might begin by asking for $1,500,000. An offer comes in at $1,300,000 and both the agent and seller are delighted! A great outcome, yes? 

No, because by skipping the negotiation phase, what we may never come to know is that this buyer was delighted also. They were willing to pay $1,400,00 for the home and didn’t have to go all out for their dream!  

Because the agent was not focused on achieving the HIGHEST price that the buyer was willing to pay, the seller missed out on an extra $100,000.  

Agents often don’t even try to negotiate the buyer’s HIGHEST price because they already know: 

a) what your asking price is 

b) what they believe your home is worth, and  

c) what the lowest price you would be willing to accept is.

If you think the solution to this problem should be to sell at auction you may be interested in reading this recent report by Domain on Auction Clearance Rates across Australia 

The numbers in this report show that June has had more properties listed for Auction than any other on record for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. But the percentages of homes that actually sold at auction was only 50.1% for Brisbane, nothing to write home about. 

And even those that are selling at Auction, aren’t necessarily achieving that elusive HIGHEST buyer price because all the cards are on the table when you sell at Auction. A buyer need only outbid other purchasers, which means not everyone bidding is putting in their best offer!! So, you may still end up underselling your home. 

This is why the Silent Auction is the preferred method of Clark’s trained negotiators. Unlike traditional Auctions it keeps the power in your hands by allowing us the time to get to know your buyers and to persuade them all to offer their HIGHEST prices.  

We believe in this method and our negotiation skills and that’s why Clark Real Estate offers a Sale Price Guarantee! If you would like to know more about this, the Silent Auction method or how our trained negotiators can help you Discover the Difference, give us a call today!