Why Are Routine Inspections Important?

Rental inspections are a vital part of the rental process for both the tenant and the property owner, but sometimes doing it yourself can be time-consuming or uncomfortable and result in long term maintenance issues for your property.

So what are the benefits to having a strict rental inspection program as a part of a tenancy agreement?

Protecting your asset

Having regular rental home inspections is the only real way to protect your investment whilst it is being rented.

Small maintenance issues can sometimes blow up into big problems if they are not addressed immediately. In a worst-case scenario, a small leak or crack can result in thousands of dollars of damage if undetected.

A regular rental inspection program means any small issues can be cleared up straight away, and if a tenant is not looking after your property, the situation can be managed before too much damage is done.

Conducting regular rental house inspections creates an impression for your tenants that the property is being checked regularly, giving them greater incentive to keep the property in good condition.

Future rentals

If a property is allowed to fall into disrepair due to sloppy maintenance or irresponsible tenants, the unfortunate likelihood is that once a set of tenants move out, any repairs that need to be made before new tenants move in are going to be expensive on two fronts.

Firstly, instead of seamlessly switching tenants, costly repairs will need to be made. Secondly, the weeks during which these repairs are being made will not have any tenants in paying rent. In fact, having a poorly maintained property can impact the likelihood of getting new tenants in at all.


Occasionally, maintenance issues can pose a hazard to the tenants living in the property, be it a damaged deck or overgrown garden. Rental home inspections will pick up these possible issues before they become a danger to your current or future tenants.

Clark Real Estate’s experienced property management team conduct routine inspections quarterly, providing detailed reports after each inspection.

Clark Real Estate will also provide you with a current rental market appraisal in order to provide you with the best return on your property and give you advice on any repairs and maintenance required in order to make your property ready for rental.

To arrange a property management consultation, please contact Clark Real Estate on (07) 3256 1600 or use our online contact form.