What is the right price when selling property

It’s the question that’s at the forefront of every home owner’s mind when it comes to selling your house. What is the right price for my home?

What to avoid when selling property

The principle mistake people make when selling their home is that it is overpriced. This is understandable to an extent – there is often a lot of emotion attached to the property which can lead to an overvaluation of the property.

Taking a dispassionate approach to selling your home is difficult, but will be the best way to get the best price when you sell.

Do not pay for advertising – often agents simply use your money to pay for self-advertising. Additionally, if your initial asking price is too high, an excellent advertising campaign will not salvage a good price for your property and could even damage its value.

Finding the right price

If you have found the right agent for you and are happy to put your property on the market, do not baulk at any early bids, assuming higher bids will come in later. Normally the number of buyers for your home will decrease over time, not increase. Just because a bid is early in the process, if it is the right price for you, then take it.

But what is the right price?

Simply put, the right price when you sell your own property is the highest price that the buyer will be prepared to pay for it and the primary aim of the seller is to discover the highest price that the buyer is willing to pay.

Getting a market appraisal completed, hiring a property valuation expert, or a trusted real estate agent as well as doing your research on houses in the surrounding area is the best way to attract the right price when selling your own home.

Locating the right agent

Your choice of agent is vital when it comes to selling your house. Ensure you hire an agent that you trust by talking to them, reading their testimonials and ensuring their negotiation skills are up to scratch.

If you’re planning on selling your property, get in touch with Clark Real Estate today! Our expert agents will help you get the best price for your property and advise you every step of the way.