What is a Private Auction?

Private Auction is a fusion between Public Auction and Private Treaty Sale.

Instead of all the fan fare and pressure of a Public Auction, with a Private Auction you will meet the sales agent and negotiate a contract which will be submitted to the seller for consideration with other proposals by the close of business on the due date.

Talk to a sales agent to arrange an inspection and to discuss how you can submit your interest forward to purchase this property on 07 3256 1600


Conditions of Sale- Private Auction

  1. The Highest approved Bidder will be the buyer subject to:
    1. The reserve price if any, and
    2. The sellers approval
  2. A Cooling-off period does not apply
  3. Finance Clause has been deleted from the contract of sale
  4. Building. Pest Inspections clauses have been deleted from contract of sale
  5. All bidders are to contact a representative of Clark Real Estate to draft a contract
  6. The bidder warrants their ability to enter and complete the Contract of sale in accordance with its terms
  7. The deposit payable under this contract is 5% of the purchase price