Clark Real Estate’s Year In Review!!

Clark Real Estate’s Year In Review!!

This year has been a huge one for Clark Real Estate! In fact, when you measure the staff achievements, the amount of business we did and the amount of fun we had as a team it was our biggest and best year EVER!!!
So we wanted to share some of those achievements and a little about where we are heading. So in no specific order here they are:

Bec joined the Clark Real Estate (CRE) Team. One of the funnies humans we have ever met. She brings a lot of laughs and smiles with her and you have her to thank for all the Christmas Elf antics on our social media!

We have been keeping the family involved! Lauren and her husband Welcomed baby Edie in April. Several months on they are both in the office a few days a week, working! Well Lauren works, baby Edie sleeps in the sling strapped to Mum or in her little chair! ❤️

Carmen moved from Sales to the DBM role and in January and found her stride straight away. She has been in the top 10 BDM list every month this year and even cracked TOP THREE IN AUSTRALIA and NUMBER 1 IN QUEENSLAND!

Ethan moved up the ranks and became a fully-fledged sales agent. He even earned a bonus in his first quarter (which almost never happens) and listed the most properties on the team in the last quarter of the year!

The CRE office won the most improved office for the year! We were up a whopping 148% – The sales team of THREE sold 106 properties, this totalled $66 MILLION worth of homes.

We had a bunch of parties throughout the year, including this one on the roof!

Jordo won a Platinum Badge for the second time in a row! He achieved this by selling 49 homes and generating $861,560.69 in revenue in the last 12 months.

Mario won a Platinum Badge for the first time ever! Huge achievement! He runs the entire business and sold 52 homes – ONE A WEEK – and wrote $710,000 in revenue!

The company turned 28 and we made sure everyone knew about that! The office got a new look and pained the town Clark Green! We had signs, flyers, ads, Clark branded cars and Clark branded people everywhere!

The entire team got behind our google reviews, we asked everyone we did business with for a review and in the end we improved our Google Review average star rating from 4.1 stars to 4.4 – we went from good to really good!

We did some really epic stuff this year and last week we each set our goals, personally and for the business for the new year! We will share those is the coming days so that you can see how far we get in 2023! All the best from CRE!