What’s the cost?

At Clark Real Estate we present 2 cost options:

  • The first being a risk-free option
  • The second being an upfront fee


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Risk-Free Option

At Clark Real Estate, we don’t charge advertising fees. There is no cost until your property is sold! You should not be exposed to any unnecessary risk or expenses.

What does this mean?

 – Well, all marketing components will be covered in order to sell your property. 

Is there a catch?

 – Not at all! We believe that it is important that a seller doesn’t get tricked into paying upfront fees in order to sell their home. Many agencies take sellers for granted. 

We have a simple fee system for once the property does sell. The fees will be:

$1,200.00 + 2.7% + GST

Commission is calculated on the contract price and is payable at settlement, in accordance with Property Occupations Form 6, Part 7 – Commission.


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Upfront Marketing Option

The upfront marketing cost is another pathway you can take for selling your property with Clark Real Estate. This means that once your property has sold, you won’t have a fee to pay as well as the commission. When your property sells, the commission is 2.5% + GST calculated on contract price, in accordance with Property Occupations Form 6, Part 7 – Commission.

What is the cost of the upfront marketing fee?

$1,530 (Including GST).
In accordance with Property Occupations Form 6, Part 8 – Section 1 – Advertising / Marketing. The Marketing Fee is payable into Clark Real Estate (Qld) Pty Ltd Trust Account within 1 business day of the issue of a tax invoice

What does the upfront marketing include?

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What upgrades can you add to your package?

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