What a good agent contributes!

Advice to help you navigate your way through a sale.
A trusted advisor will always put the client’s interests first, before the agent’s need to make a sale.

You are hiring a skilled negotiator who should be able to negotiate the highest net outcome. The unseen value of a skilled negotiator is revealed during and after negotiations are complete. An agent should be considered on their marketing and negotiation skills. Skills that are easy to demonstrate but hard learnt through training, study and mentoring.

Real Estate is a people business. The transaction requires an experienced agent to successfully match a buyer to a home. To successfully negotiate a sale, you must be able to manage people and expectations. Being able to skilfully negotiate a buyer to their highest price for a successful outcome for all parties involved.

  • How will you select an agent?
  • Commission and price or the best best negotiator who will deliver?
  • What has your past real estate experience been like?
  • Build a list of needs?
  • What would your ideal agent look like to you?

The Agent you select will influence the outcome either positively or negatively

Commission only vs Salary:
The agent has a fiduciary duty to sell the property for the highest net price with as little financial risk to the seller.

A Genuine Sales team:
An agent on commission-based pay has no desire to share that commission.
They are interested in making a sale at any price rather than using buyers introduced by others. The benefits of employing a genuine team are many. Your property never has a day off and a good team competes with one another for the best price. Quality solid teams are a hallmark of a good real estate company.

  • The Agent does not control the value of your property
  • Team Approach
  • Sales register
  • Reviews
  • Higher Authority
  • Buyers price declaration with examples
  • Who is running the open house? How do you negotiate with a stranger? What do they know about negotiation?