1. Is the hot water system gas or electric?
2. If electric – have you filled the tank via the overflow valve?
This can be done by lifting the metal lever on the side or top of the hot water unit. This valve needs to be lifted until the lever is facing up. You will hear the unit filling and water will come out the overflow pipe when it is full. You may need to place a bucket under the overflow valve to catch any overflow. When the unit starts to overflow push the valve lever back down to cease filling.

Please take note of how long this takes to fill and let me know. If it takes a while, this would indicate that the water in the tank was low and this could be causing the issues with the hot water. Please see below pictures examples of the valve that needs to be lifted.

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This is required to be done every 3-4 months. Please allow several hours, potentially overnight, for the system to heat.

If this does not work, please follow the below steps:
3. Please take a photo of the hot water system, including model and serial number, and send through on your Maintenance Manager App or email to
4. Advise if there is hot water in any of the taps?
5. Advise if the hot water is working at all? If it is running out it could just be that you are using all the water before it has a chance to heat up again.
6. Advise if there is any evidence of leaking around the tank.