Sometimes without anyone knowing, there can be a hidden problem. Unfortunately not many people know how to check for these little mysteries, so we have created a small troubleshooting list for you.

  1. Turn off all taps, the washing machine, dishwasher and irrigation at your property.
  2. Read your water meter and write down or take a photo of the numbers (including the red numbers, which indicate litres). Make sure you leave the water meter tap on.
  3. Wait at least one hour before reading your water meter again – remember not to use any water, even to flush the toilet during this time.
  4. If the reading has changed (last numbers or dial on the water meter), you may have a water leak. Please contact your property manager to investigate.

Please note: the numbers on a water meter will only move if water is being drawn through it, either by something on your property (hose, washing machine, plumbed in fridges, dishwashers, etc.) or if there is a leak.

For more information

Please let your Property Manager know how you go with this, so that we can arrange a plumber if required.  If, however, you know that you have used a large amount of water or left a tap or hose running, please let them know.