Your Property Manager will want to know the following information to assist you:

  1. Is this an Electric door?
  2. What brand is it?
  3. Please take a photo of the motor.
  4. Have you checked the remote batteries?
  5. Is the manual override engaged? This allows you to open the door manually but will stop the remote working.
  6. If the remote appears to be ok but still not working, it may need to be reprogrammed. This is a simple process. Ask us for a further troubleshooting guide on this.
  7. If the door is stuck going up or down or goes half way and then back up, there may be something stuck in the sides of the door. This will cause the sensor to think that there is something under the door and will move back up for safety reasons.

Once you have answered the above call your Property Manager with this information. If it is still an issue, we will then discuss with the owner and arrange repair.

Please note: If a tradesperson is called to attend and it is found that one of the above measures would have led to resolving the problem, you may be responsible for the call out fee. Feel free to call our Property Manager whilst you undertake these steps for further assistance.