Why would you waste money for marketing upfront? 

Don’t waste money on upfront marketing packages

Unfortunately, the concept of paying for marketing upfront is a norm with most real estates. This often exorbitant fee is usually spent on things to promote the agent like bus stops and putting their face on an internet listing. Most of the time, agents who charge up-front marketing pre-purchase subscriptions with property sites and newspapers regardless of whether they list properties to use up their subscriptions- they’re making you pay for something they would have bought anyway. Clark Real Estate offers a ‘waste free’ option. The key point of this is to advertise and sell with no marketing fees being paid to until the property sells.

The advantages of this are:

  • You are not out of pocket upfront.
  • The quality of the marketing will be the same (usually better) than other agencies.
  • The marketing works for you and your property, and not to promote the agent.
  • We focus on the quality of the material and promoting to the right people, not everyone.
  • In the unlikely event your house doesn’t sell, you are not charged anything

Clark Real Estate’s main goal is to work with the vendor, achieving the right price and making the experience as stress free as possible. If you would like to hear more about saving more money while selling your house, you can call our office on 3256 1600 or email sales@clarkrealty.com.au.

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“Jacob thank you very much to you and Mario for the book, I really enjoyed reading it. Very insightful.
We’ve unfortunately learned many of its lessons the hard (and expensive!!) way, but now I understand why we made our mistakes, and how we can avoid making them again in the future!!”
– Kylie