Preparing Your Home for A Summer Sale!

Preparing Your Home for A Summer Sale!

The Australian summer, apart from being the perfect beach climate, summer also marks the start of the new year. With that people are starting new jobs, new schools, downsizing or upsizing and that means a lot of Real Estate changes hands in this time. So, what are some of the smartest ways you can make sure you are sale ready just in case you think there is a big move in the future? Well let’s discuss them now! 

Adding Value: 

There are a lot of great ways to add value without breaking the bank. When thinking about selling a home, presentation is one of the factors a good agent will talk to you about. It ultimately helps you getting the best price for your home.  

Bathrooms –

There are a lot of inexpensive things you can do to a bathroom to improve its value. Things like updating taps, handles, rails and some fresh paint can all give a bathroom a modern feel without too much expense.  

Light fittings and switches when replaced with clean new ones give a great look and feel to a bathroom. Fixing any broken tiles also goes a long way to making a bathroom more desirable. 

Kitchen –

Again, in the kitchen like the bathroom there are easy things you can do to freshen up the space. New paint on the cupboards, new handles, taps and maybe a stove top. 

Living areas and walls –

Fixing chipped paint, obvious stains on walls and floors. A fresh coat of paint if it will help.  

Outdoor areas, decks and gardens –

If you have a deck or veranda, ensuring there are no rotted out pieces of timber and that the varnish or oil on the timber is still in good condition. Manicured lawns and gardens are a huge plus! Remember people buy with emotion and justify with reason. The easier it is for a buyer to fall in love with the home, the better off you will be! Clear the gardens of leaves and sticks and other junk as much as possible and even add some outdoor furniture! 

Building and Pest Inspection –

In some cases, the findings of a building and pest inspection can be used to lower the price or terminate the contract. If there is any reason to believe that this could be the case with your property have the inspection done before you go to market and that way you can decide to fix any issues or adjust the price beforehand. It is a good way to avoid a nasty surprise! 

Decluttering –

If you are selling a home there are inevitably going to be people coming through it. Decluttering can have a huge impact on how the home presents. Make use of filling the bins and any council street pickup. Not only does it help with selling the home, it also helps you move!