Ensuring Your Properties Wellbeing

Ensuring Your Properties Wellbeing

In the world of Property Management, routine inspections truly are the backbone of what we do. But many landlords don’t actually know what it is they entail and how Clark Real Estate differs.

Routine inspections play a vital role in the relationship between landlords and tenants in Queensland. When routine inspections aren’t completed on a regular basis or aren’t completed to a high standard, the condition of your home can be compromised, possibly resulting in long-term issues for the landlord.

We’ve elevated these inspections into a comprehensive process, placing your investment’s health and your peace of mind at the forefront.

The Inspection Process: Our thorough inspection includes an in-person visit, detailed documentation, and high-quality visuals through videos and photos. We leave no stone unturned to provide you with a crystal-clear picture of your property’s condition.

Frequency & Notification: We understand the balance between attention and tenant comfort. That’s why our commitment to completing routines are once every 16 weeks. Our dedication to communication starts with advanced notifications to both tenants and investors, keeping everyone in the loop and allowing ample time for attendance.

Written Feedback & Reports: Our details written comments and reports provide you with insights into your property’s overall upkeep and cleanliness. This comprehensive view helps pinpoint areas needing attention and provides recommendations for maintenance or improvements. Tenants also receive the feedback to ensure that they are aware of any damage or cleanliness issues, and are given the opportunity to rectify.

Preventative Maintenance Plan: The heart of our service is our commitment to identifying potential issues early. By doing so, we help you save on costly repairs and maintain the value of your investment. Consider it your property’s insurance policy.

Personalised Agent Messages: Our personalised messages from our agents bring you a snapshot update on how your property looked at the inspection. It’s our modern way to provide you with insights, updates and recommendations based on inspection findings.

Building relationships with our property owners is our priority, whilst providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment property. That is why, completing regular routine inspections at the high level of standard that we do, is how we can guarantee the well-being of your property.