Chermside: A Rising Star in Brisbane’s Infrastructure Boom

<strong>Chermside: A Rising Star in Brisbane’s Infrastructure Boom</strong>


Nestled in the heart of Brisbane, Chermside is rapidly emerging as a hub of urban transformation and infrastructural development. With a slew of new projects on the horizon, this suburb is not just a place to live – it’s a place to thrive. So, what’s the buzz about Chermside? Let’s delve into the exciting infrastructural developments and explore the reasons why it’s becoming one of Brisbane’s most sought-after locales.

The Urban Transformation of Chermside

Chermside is currently witnessing a significant influx of large-scale mixed-use developments. One such notable project is the 14-storey mixed-use tower at 33-37 Latham Street. Spearheaded by the architect-developer Carver Leung, this project is a testament to Chermside’s rapid growth and urban transformation. The suburb, anchored by the iconic Westfield Chermside, is evolving at a breakneck pace. Gone are the days when the region was dominated by single homes. Now, towering apartment buildings grace the skyline. This particular development amalgamated four lots, resulting in a sprawling 1623sq m site. But is this just the beginning?

The Northern Transitway: A Game-Changer for Public Transport

Public transport is the lifeblood of any bustling city. Recognizing this, the government has invested a whopping $53-million in the Northern Transitway project. Stretching from Kedron to Chermside, this initiative is a testament to the government’s commitment to enhancing public transport. Designed to support high-frequency bus services along Gympie Arterial Road, this project aims to encourage more residents to opt for public transport. The goal? Smoother and less congested roads. Spanning 2.3 km from Sadlier Street in Kedron to Hamilton Road in Chermside, the Northern Transitway promises to revolutionize the way residents commute. But what else is in store for Chermside?

Spotlight on Chermside’s Upcoming Infrastructure Projects

  • Chermside Metro Station: Slated for completion in 2025, this station is a part of the ambitious Brisbane Metro project. Located at the intersection of Gympie Road and Kedron Brook Road, it promises to redefine public transport in the area. Will this be the game-changer for Brisbane’s transport woes?
  • Chermside Road Upgrade: By 2024, Chermside Road will boast four lanes between Gympie Road and Kedron Brook Road. Additionally, new bus stops, bike lanes, and footpaths will enhance the commuting experience.
  • Chermside Town Centre Masterplan: This visionary masterplan, set for completion in 2025, outlines the future of Chermside Town Centre. It encompasses new retail, commercial, and residential spaces, along with enhanced public areas. Could this be the next big thing for Brisbane’s retail and commercial sectors?
  • Chermside Library and Cultural Centre: Expected to be a cultural landmark by 2026, this centre, situated at the corner of Gympie Road and Ashgrove Road, will be a hub for knowledge and culture.
  • Chermside West Bikeway: Bridging Chermside West to the Chermside Town Centre, this bikeway, set to be operational by 2025, promises to be a boon for cyclists.
  • Chermside Creek Greenway: This picturesque greenway, tracing Chermside Creek from Chermside West to Kedron Brook Road, is anticipated to be a recreational hotspot by 2027. A perfect blend of nature and urban development, perhaps?


Why is Chermside becoming a hub for urban transformation?
Chermside’s strategic location, coupled with government initiatives and private investments, is driving its transformation into an urban hotspot.

What are the major infrastructure projects in Chermside?
Major projects include the Northern Transitway, Chermside Metro Station, Chermside Road Upgrade, and the Chermside Town Centre Masterplan, among others.

How will the Northern Transitway benefit residents?
The Northern Transitway, designed for high-frequency bus services, will ensure smoother roads, less congestion, and efficient public transport, enhancing the overall commuting experience.

When is the Chermside Metro Station expected to be operational?
The Chermside Metro Station is slated for completion in 2025.

What does the Chermside Town Centre Masterplan entail?
The masterplan outlines the future of Chermside Town Centre, including new retail, commercial, and residential spaces, and enhanced public areas.

How will the Chermside Creek Greenway benefit the community?
The Chermside Creek Greenway, set to be a recreational hotspot by 2027, will offer residents a serene environment to relax, exercise, and connect with nature.

Chermside’s constant expantion in Brisbane’s infrastructure landscape is undeniable. With a blend of government initiatives and private investments, the suburb is setting benchmarks for urban transformation. As projects come to fruition, Chermside is not just offering its residents a place to live but a thriving community to be a part of. Indeed, Chermside is the rising star in Brisbane’s infrastructure boom.